Ryan & Kelton at the Tower of London
Ryan & Kelton at the Tower of London
Clinton, Taylor & Matt sit on an old cannon
THree of the big guns of the tour, Clinton, Taylor & Matt sit on an old cannon


Well, all good things must come to an end and here we are on our last day of the tour in London. Yesterday we went to Madame Tussauds and to the Tower of London.

Today we have some free time before the coach arrives to take us to Heathrow at 6:00pm tonight. Everything has gone very smoothly with barely a hiccup over the entire time in England. We have all had lots of laughs, seen and done some fascinating things and the boys have got on particularly well as a group.

Of course an undertaking like this only happens with the help of many people.

Here on the English side I would l like to thank again everyone I have already mentioned at the schools and clubs we visited, you were terrific.

It was a tough tour for the team, five games in two weeks where the players learned a lot about English conditions and style of play.

We didn’t win all our games but we came here to play the best, not easy beats.

In particular though, we couldn’t have done it without the support of Andy Harland from the RFL and Toby and Will from Outwood Grange Academy.

At home Jeni Doherty and all the parents worked tirelessly to get this show on the road, it wouldn’t have happened without you.

On tour Nathan and all the Parents with us have been terrific, taking care of business behind the scenes and at the pointy end of proceedings.

Lastly to the boys, you have been a great group to share this experience with, friendly happy and easy going. Your families should be proud of you, I know Nathan, I and everyone associated with the Mackay High Rugby League Academy is as well.

Now we can start thinking about the next tour 2011.
Mackay HS & the Harlequins Academy after the game
Mackay HS & the Harlequins Academy after the game - GOOD ON YA BOYS - WE ARE PROUD OF U ALL
Birthday Boys Kelton Dorante runs to the 1st try of the game
Birthday Boy Kelton Dorante runs to the 1st try of the game
daniel Marsen Crashes thru the Harliquins Defence
Daniel Marsen Crashes thru the Harliquins Defence
Matt Ahern Had a great kicking game
Matt Ahern Had a great kicking game
Friday – Saturday - Sunday 27.09.09
On Friday we left St Helens for the coach drive to London.

It’s always disappointing to leave the north where people are so friendly and welcoming.

On the way down we stopped for a look around the historic Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birth place.

We arrived at our hotel in Earls Court later in the afternoon and many of the boys took the opportunity for an early night, to catch up on a bit of sleep.

On Saturday we went for an amphibious duck ride on the streets of London and the Thames.

Then, on what was a beautiful sunny day, we took a ride on the London Eye. The rest of the day was spent shopping and sight seeing.

On Sunday we left the hotel for the trip out to the Elmsbridge Eagles ground in Surrey to play the Harlequins under 16 academy team.

For the first time on tour our boys managed to get some combination working and with a little of the luck that had deserted them in previous games, managed to run in a string of early tries to put the home team under pressure from the kick-off.

The final score was 38 – 6 with tries to Daniel Matsen (3), Ben Carter, Jace Sainsbury, Corben Duffy and Kelton Dorante.

We would like to thank the Harlequins’ Colin Baker and u/16 coach James Lawson for organising the game. At the end of the game Colin presented us with a Harlequins jersey and we presented Coach Lawson and their best player centre Mike McMeacan with academy clothing.



3 – Dylan Bell
2 - Corben Duffy
1 – Rhys Barton


3 – Taylor Ridland
2 – Daniel Matsen
1 - Ben Carter


3 – Dylan Bell
2 – Taylor Ridland
1 - Daniel Matsen


2 – Dylan Bell
2 – Taylor Ridland
1 - David Jorgensen
1 – Daniel Matsen


3 – Ryan Ridland
2 - Daniel Matsen
1 – Taylor Ridland

Josh with the walking stick the boys bought him The Mackay boys pose on the St. Helens bench
The Mackay boys pose on the St. Helens bench
Josh with the walking stick the boys bought him  
We would like to thank all the parents and friends on both side of the world for all their messages and support of the touring Mackay boys.

One of the guest famies in Wakefield, the Padgets have even sent in some great photo's of the boys between games, living the life of a Pom. (bad luck boys - lol)

So here's a few of Liz's great foto's : enjoy 'em
censured Jack Hewitt with his cousins
Clinton Crashed out after jet lag, no he didn't get to drink the ale's Ross Padget with Jack Hewitt and his cousin Rianna
Liz Padget goes 'bottoms up' Mackay Boys relaxing
Doris Aherns goes 'bottoms up' (sorry Liz) Mackay Boys relaxing
The Mackay boys say Cheers
The Mackay boys say "byr Wakefield" Ross - CHEERS !!
With families With the Padget family, thats Chloe
With families With the Padget family, thats Chloe Padget
Ross Padget with Matt Ahern Taylor, Josh & Matt at the BBQ
Taylor, Josh & Matt at the BBQ
The Padgets with Taylor
Ross Padget with Matt Ahern Doris, Tony and Son Matt Ahern with Ross padget who they hosted last year
Keebra Park SHS 2009 Arrive alive Cup Champions (Photo : ourfootymedia)
Keebra Park SHS 2009 Arrive alive Cup Champions (Photo : ourfootymedia)
Matraville SHS Keebra Park SHS
TRIES : Kyle Fraser, Authur Takapu
GOALS : Jacob Miller 2
TRIES : Henere Wells Ben Murdoch, Sione Akula
GOALS : Jordan Kahu
(Best player of the Competition)
JORDAN KAHU ( Keebra Park SHS )
ourfootyteam logo
WHAT A PERFORMANCE by the Keebra Park boys in this years Arrive alive Cup Grand Final, congratulations to the entire squad, it can't be easy travelling to Sydney to play just one game of footy.

Keebra Park came out from the siren firing and it was not long before winger Henere Wells crossed for the first points of this years Arrive alive Cup Grand Final.

Skipper Jordan Kahu converted to give his side a quick 6 - 0 lead.

Keebra Park gave the Matraville boys no time and charged forward thier big forwards with huge results.

The ball found its way to rampaging forward Benny Murdoch who ran, pushed and barged his way from teh 30 meter line to dive over for the second Keebra try of the AaC Grand Final.

Keebra's Skipper Jordan Kahu is deadly accurate from anywhere converted to give the Keebra Boys a sensational 12 - 0 lead at the half time break. MORE & HEAPS of ACTION FOTO'S SOON and over the weekend.
Wednesday – Thursday 24.09.09
Story & Photo's By : BILL ESAU on Tour

On Wednesday we travelled to the seaside town of Blackpool to spend the day at the Pleasure Beach amusement park.

There are a number of ridiculously large and radical roller coaster and other rides, the boy’s got unlimited ride passes for the day. Several of the team finished the day with large stuffed toy prizes that will never fit onto the plane to get home.

To commemorate his new haircut Daniel Matsen commissioned a painted and framed characture to bring home with him. We had a great day, getting back to St Helens at 7pm.

Thursday is another game day and our tough program has left a few of the boys sore and a little jaded. We spent the morning in Manchester at the Trafford Centre an amazing upmarket shopping centre, reputedly the shopping spot haunted by Posh when the Beckhams lived in the area.

The fixtures and appointments of the centre are something to see and obviously have an effect on people, we had only been there a few minutes and Doylee was coughing up 400 quid for a Vivienne Westwood handbag for wife Tracey.

The boys enjoyed some quiet time ten pin bowling and looking around the centre until we returned to St Helens to get ready for the game.

We arrived at Saints Knowsley Road Stadium to find the club in a high state of readiness for the game. The club were pulling out all the stops for the game; there were quite a number of security and club personal in attendance.

The club were charging admission and by game time a crowd of several hundred spectators were in the stands. A big group of our supporters travelled over from Wakefield and there were a large number of interested locals there as well.

Our boys were terrific in the end only going down by two points to the St Helens club champions Portico Vine ARLFC 30 - 28.

Portico U/16’s are a tough but very disciplined team, they played the game in the right spirit and are a credit to their coach Bernard Dwyer.

There was none of the cheep shotting that tends to spoil games as a spectacle and the vocal crowd was kept buzzing for the entire contest. Josh Geaghan and Daniel ‘Mr T’ Matson became particular crowd favourites. The longer the match progressed the stronger our boys looked and came back at the home team with an opportunity to snatch the game at the death that just fell short.

With the crowd involved, the game had a real finals atmosphere to it that kept all the spectators including many of the St Helens coaching staff enthralled.

David Jorgensen, Ryan Ridland each scored a try and Daniel Matsen scored two going close on several other occasions.

After the game St Helens RLFC staff coach Mike Rush presented Taylor Ridland with club gear as their choice for best player and the Portico coaches selected Dylan Bell as their man of the match.

At the after match function we passed on academy gear to Bernard and our preferred Portico player England rake Lewis Foster. The boys will never forget their game at Knowsley Road.

321’s for the player of the tour

MSHS V’s Outwood Grange Academy

3 – Dylan Bell

2 - Corben Duffy

1 – Rhys Barton

MSHS V’s Castleford High

3 – Taylor Ridland

2 – Daniel Matsen

1 - Ben Carter

MSHS V’s Halton Schools

3 – Dylan Bell

2 – Taylor Ridland

1 - Daniel Matsen

MSHS V’s Portico Vine ARLFC

2 – Dylan Bell

2 – Taylor Ridland

1 - David Jorgensen

1 – Daniel Matsen
Portico Panthers ARLFC with the Mackay High boys after the game (Photo KT8 Photography)
Portico Panthers ARLFC with the Mackay High boys after the game (Photo KT8 Photography)
Mackay High school almost succeeded in staging a remarkable come back against Portico last night.

The second last game of this years England Tour went down to the wire with the locals holing on for a 30 -28 victory in a good game of footy



Dylan gets his head framed
Dylan gets his head framed
Boys win BIG at Pleasure Beach - Blackpool
Boys win BIG at Pleasure Beach - Blackpool
MATCH POINTS for the player of the tour
MSHS V’s Outwood Grange Academy
3 – Dylan Bell
2 - Corben Duffy
1 – Rhys Barton
MSHS V’s Castleford High
3 – Taylor Ridland
2 – Daniel Matsen
1 - Ben Carter
MSHS V’s Halton Schools
3 – Dylan Bell
2 – Taylor Ridland
1 - Daniel Matsen
Story & Photo's By : BILL ESAU

Sunday – Monday – Tuesday 22.09.09

Weather for St Helens, UK

Current: Partly Cloudy - Wind: E at 0 km/h
Humidity: 0%

Thu - 16°C | 11°C

Our coach picked us up at 9am in the Outwood carpark.

There were heart rending scenes as the boys had to tear themselves away from their new friends. There was quite a crowd of Outwood students and teachers, parents and supporters of Mackay High to see the boys off.

On our way to our accommodation in St Helens we stopped in at the historic city of York to have a look around the Sunday markets and attractions like the partially restored Clifford’s Tower constructed by William Conqueror in the tenth century and dominating the city centre.

We arrived in our accommodation ‘Lindisfarne’ at St Cuthbert’s school in St Helens late in the afternoon. Monday started with an extended training session on the St Cuthbert’s oval.

At about ten o’clock we left the school for a shopping expedition to the bustling centre of Liverpool.

On the way home we had time to stop in at the drive through Knowsley Safari Park to see a variety of wildlife including tigers, lions, baboons and rhinoceros. The animals were very healthy and active; the antics of the baboons as they climbed all over cars tearing off windscreen wiper blades were a particular hit.

Somehow Taylor Ridland managed to sleep through the whole thing. Monday was also the day that team started rock, paper scissors tournaments with the loser receiving a special haircut.

Makeovers have been received by Dylan Bell, Josh Geeghan and Daniel Matsen so far.

Tuesday is another game day, our third. In the morning we had a look around St Helens city centre before making our way to Wade Deacon High in Widnes for a 4pm kick off.

The game today was a terrific honour for us today; the first game to be played on their rugby league field located inside their new synthetic running track and athletics facility.

We played a selection of players from a number of local schools including Wade Deacon High, Saints Peter & Paul Catholic College and The Heath.

As the game started it soon became apparent that we were well off the pace.

The Widnes team were a slick unit with good pace out wide and a small but enthusiastic pack.

Although we scored the first try through busy prop Daniel Matsen we were steadily starved of ball with only about four set completions for the match.

Consistent disrespect for the ball and indiscipline cruelled any chance we might have had of success.

Once again we had an incident where players from the other team’s bench entered the field to join in a mêlée.

This has happened twice in two games and highlights the need for bench players to be strictly supervised and players to remain disciplined in this regard.

This is especially important in schoolboy rugby league where higher standards of behaviour and levels of sportsmanship should be insisted on.

The referee, who adjudicated fairly throughout the match, judged that the scuffle started following a punch thrown by one of our players and awarded the penalty to Halton.

The referee warned the home team’s captain that the entire bench would be red carded if they were to re enter the field of play illegally again.

Following the game at the post match function our team was welcomed by Carlton Bramwell from our hosts Wade Deacon High and Eddie Jones from Halton Council, who presented us with a council plaque.

We presented Carlton, their successful coach Ian Critchley, and their player of the match, cheeky lock Dom Speakman with academy apparel. The Halton lads were clearly the better team on the day and we are looking forward to a chance to play them again in the future.
The Mackay Academy take on PORTICO PANTHERS ARLFC this afternoon and will be looking to play some more good footy.

Here are some freaky foto's send in by Elizabeth Padget, anyone got some clippers?
Mackay SHS on tour Mackay SHS on tour
Mackay SHS on tour  
Mackay SHS on tour  
Mackay SHS on tour Mackay SHS on tour
MACKAY's MR. T - Mackay SHS on tour Mackay SHS on tour
MACKAY SHS came against a good schoolboys footy side ion their third game of the tour yesterday.

Aparently "our boyz, copped a hell of a beating" according to ourfooty friend Ste Jones from kt8 photography. we will have more news as it becomes available.

What a day in Sydney, i woke to an orange sky, the air sinks of, u know that smell bulldust makes, well its like that in Sydney.

Wade Deacon & Mackay High school boys after the game (Photo : Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon & Mackay High school boys after the game (Photo's : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Looks like some kids need detention SIR ! Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay HS (Photo :
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8 Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
Wade Deacon HS v Mackay HS (Photo : Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8

Photo :


Wade Deacon HS v Mackay SHS (Photo : KT8
100's online - thanks ste & KT8
Castleford High School v Mackay SHS
Castleford & Mackay High School's after the game
Castleford & Mackay High School's after the game
Castleford High School v Mackay SHS
Castleford High School v Mackay SHS
Castleford High School v Mackay SHS
Castleford High School v Mackay SHS
Friday - Saturday 19.09.09
Travelled to Castleford High this morning where the team was taken on a tour of the school before getting ready for what was most likely the toughest game of the tour.

Castleford High are the English school champions in this age group and play the game just the way we like it, hard and fast.

As expected the match was an epic struggle with both teams at each others throats for the entirety.

The first try was scored by our Taylor Ridland, captain, hooker and eventually our team’s player of the match.

At half time the home team led 10 – 6 after one try scored in the corner and an intercept try under the sticks.

Mackay High scored early in the second half to lead by two points but after another half of punishing defense Castleford High ran in a converted try to close out the contest 16 – 12.

There was a bit of argy-bargy late in the contest with the home team’s number 5 sent off for running on to the field off the bench to join a bit of push and shove, and one of their props was carded for fighting.

Earlier in the half Corben Duffy’s mouth got him a 10 minute stint in the bin. In the wash-up there were no hard feelings from the Mackay team, Castleford High are a quality team and their school and coach Lee Homes should be proud of them.

There were some rumblings about the refereeing after the game but I thought he was evenhanded in what was a demanding match to handle.

The player of the match was Castleford High’s centre Shaun Pick for a standout performance in a fine team effort. After the game and a little shopping on the way home we raced back to Wakefield to get ready for our short trip to Leeds for the Rhinos – and Hull KR semifinal game.

About half the boys made it down to Leeds with us for the big game to use tickets kindly donated by Leeds RLFC and the English RFL, organized for us by the RFL’s Andy Harland who also supplied us with some tickets for the Wakefield ‘Wildcats’ Catalan ‘Dragons’ match on Saturday night.

The Leeds game was an amazing experience with a great atmosphere and fantastic seats to enjoy it from. Leeds won in fine style delighting the delirious home fans.

There were no activities organized for Saturday but a few of us met at the Stanley ‘Rangers’ game, at the Wakefield ‘Wildcats’ game and at a BBQ at the Padgets place where the Ahern’s are staying.
ourfootyteam logo
Mackay High have been beaten in their second tour match by Castleford High School in a tough encounter.

Castleford High School are a fordmidable outfit and as discussed previously are the England National Champions.

Bill Esau will be sending his match report soon, so in the mean time here are a few of the notes i took down while talk to Bill on the phone tonite.

"It was a good, tough game, Castleford just got up at the end of the game, we had our chances, we dropped too much ball."

Mackay High's Man of the Match Talor Ridland scored the first try of the match & was tough though out the game.

MACKAY SHS Man of the Match : Talor Ridland (#4 - center)

CASTLEFORD HS Man of the Match : Shaun Pick (#9 - hooker)

The boys are behaving them selves and doing their school and country proud with "exemplary" conduct, the English people have been terrific and in particular the staff from Outwood Grange College, a couple of them have been showing the touring party around.

The weather has been nice, around 19 -20 degrees, we have had no rain as yet, (knock on wood)

We all look forward to your match report Bill and some foto's from Castleford High.

Just one more thing, have u rang your mum yet Everett??
Chase Edgerton runs thru the Wakefield line James Howard and corben Duffy
Chase Edgerton runs thru the Wakefield line James Howard and corben Duffy
Crowd watches the game
Crowd watches the game
Nathan Doyle wakes up long enough to present a couple MACKAY Academy shirts
Nathan Doyle wakes up long enough to present a couple MACKAY Academy shirts
Kelton in a coma on the plane
Kelton in a coma on the plane
Mackay attacking the Outwood defence
Mackay attacking the Outwood defence
Coach Nathan Doyle pushes out a few ZZZZ's
Coach Nathan Doyle pushes out a few ZZZZ's
UK Tour Log 2009 – by Bill Esau
Wednesday - Thursday 17.09.09

Wakefield weather - 15°C | °F - Current: Mostly Cloudy - Wind: NE - Humidity: 62%

Thursday - 16°C | 5°C

All the boys arrived from their first night with their billets in good spirits.

The students at OGC are paying them a lot of attention with large groups congregating every time they move around the school.

First up we drove down to Huddersfield to visit the George Hotel, the birth place of Rugby League. Local legend and curator of the memorabilia collection Sam Morton showed us around this fascinating museum.

The magnificent display is a must see for all rugby league fans and even better if the extraordinarily knowledgeable Sam is your guide.

We returned to Outwood Grange College to get ready for the 3pm game.

A bracing north-easterly greeted us on the OGC field but both teams soon warmed up in a spirited display characterised by some vigorous defence.

Ryan Ridland had the honour of scoring the first try on tour, about ten minutes into the contest, which was duly converted by Matt Ahern.

Mackay High finished the game with a score of 36-6 over their hosts who performed much better in the game than the final score suggests.

The young Outwood team, although clearly outgunned by the imposing Mackay team, stuck to their task manfully throughout the game only letting their opponents get onto a roll after some effort errors in the second half.

For the visitors, man of the match Dylan Bell scored twice and Matt Ahern, Ben ‘Zohan’ Carter, Daniel ‘Backwoodsman’ Matsen, Corben Duffy and Ryan Ridland each crossed the line.

Also solid for Mackay High were Rhys Barton and James Howard. After the game at dinner in the OGC cafeteria Toby Rutter presented us with a signed football from the home team.

Mackay High presented Outward Grange College with a tour jersey and teachers Will Pratt, Toby Rutter and the RFL’s Andy Harland with academy gear for their hard work in support of the touring party during our week in Wakefield.

OGC’s prop Liam Grimmitt was selected by Coach Doyle as our opponent’s player of the match for his wholehearted performance; he received a tour polo shirt.

On Thursday morning we visited the impressive National Coal Mining Museum
Caphouse Colliery, which first began operations in 1795 and descended 140 metres into the Hope pit with our guide BJ.

This was an amazing experience that all the boys thoroughly enjoyed and an excursion which will continue on future tours.

Following the mine visit we completed a recovery session at the indoor pool in a local Health complex then moving on to a shopping expedition at the Xscape adventure and retail development.

The boys promised an early night to get ready for the Castleford High game at 10am on Friday, possibly the toughed test will face this tour.
Tonight ourfootyteam spoke with George Panayiotou from Castleford High School at about 11:45 pm (mackay / sydney time), he was busy and George will be sending through some info on his school's team the Mackay boys will be playing on Friday arvo (Friday morning in England)

The Castleford under 16's are the reigning English National Champion, they have on the National Schoolboys comp over there for the last 3 years in a row.

So it sounds like the Mackay boys have some work ahead in their next match on this tour but on this years form so far, they will lift to the challenge.

The touring Mackay SHS rugby league team have tasted victory in their very first game on this tour of England

The Mackay boyz were too good for Outwood Grange College, smashing the English boyz by 30 points.

Match reports & foto's coming soon
Daniel Matsen was hard to handle David Jorgensen is gang tackled by the OGC defence
Daniel Matsen was hard to handle David Jorgensen is gang tackled by the OGC defence
Mackay SHS & Outwood Grange College after the footy match Matt Ahern converts the 1st try of the tour
Mackay SHS & Outwood Grange College after the footy match Matt Ahern converts the 1st try of the tour
Outwood Grange College student get to watch the game Outwood Grange College student get to watch the game
Outwood Grange College student get to watch the game The girlies watch the footy - whoo hoo
The Mackay SHS tour group at the George Hotel, the birth place of rugby league in 1895,
Rhys barton checks out the jersey collection at the George Hotel
Mackay High boys at the airport
Mackay High boys at the airport
Mackay boys waiting at the train station
Mackay boys waiting at the train station
Taylor Ridland has a laugh
Taylor Ridland has a laugh

UK TOUR LOG 2009 – BY BILL ESAU -Monday – Tuesday 15.09.09

Left Mackay on Monday morning at 6:45am and had a smooth trip with Qantas all the way through Brisbane and Singapore until a bit of a hairy landing at Heathrow.

Bit of nervous laughter after that one but all the boys were happy to be here.

All the team were great on the planes, giving the flight entertainment system a good workout.

Evert Hanson slept 12 of the 13 hours from Singapore to London then most of the way on the 4 hour bus ride to Wakefield, the bloke is a champion sleeper.

Arrived at Outwood Grange College at about 12 noon where some of the parents and staff were waiting for us. We had some lunch in their canteen where the presence of the team caused much excitement among the students.

After Lunch the boy’s had a light training run on the playing field to run out a few cobwebs.

At 3:00 the boys were introduced to their host brothers and were released into the community. Thanks very much to the Milner, Glover, Carr, Grimmett, Hartness, Magretton, Kittrick, Moss, Conway, Middleton, Consterdine, Kilday, Judge and Burman families for looking after our lads while they are in Wakefield this week.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to all the staff of Outwood Grange College but in particular OGC teachers Toby Rutter and Will Pratt, and the RFL’s Andy Harland and who are tirelessly organising and assisting us with, what is shaping up to be, a great week in Wakefield.

On Wednesday we will visit the historic and memorabilia laden George Hotel, the birthplace of Rugby League and play OGC at 3pm.

While in Yorkshire we are also visiting a preserved coal mine and display, playing Castleford High, going indoor snow boarding and attending super league playoffs at Leeds RLFC and with the Wildcats in Wakefield the Mackay State High School Rugby League Academy is living the dream.
Story & Photo's By : Mackay SHSRLA / Bill ESAU
Next Monday a squad of twenty, 15 and 16 year old Mackay State High School Rugby League Academy players will travel to England for a series of games against school, club and academy teams from London (Harlequins Academy), Wakefield (Outwood Grange College), Castleford (Castleford High), Widnes (Wade Deacon High) and St Helens (Portico Panthers).

At the end of the tour two Mackay State High School Academy players, Matthew Ahern and Clinton Hewitt will stay on with the families of boys their families, and Mackay High hosted in 2008.

Academy coach Nathan Doyle said that this excursion almost certainly represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for these students to tour and play the game they love in an international setting.

As part of fund raising activities for this, the second biennial tour to England, a Sportsman’s Dinner was held at the Southern Suburbs Leagues Club and the Academy hosted and catered for the 2009 U/15 Queensland state championships in May.

Academy Supporters Committee President Jeni Doherty has lauded the hard work that the touring students and their parents have completed through the numerous fund raising opportunities that have been undertaken to support this exciting initiative.

Mrs Doherty also praised the generous financial support of the many local businesses that have made this tour possible with their munificence. (WOW, now that word is a ripper, did u make it up Mr. Esau?)

As well as a shadowing group of parents and family on the tour the boys will be accompanied by Mackay High teachers Bill Esau and Nathan Doyle.

Rugby League Academy players embarking on the tour include representatives from several of Mackay’s Rugby League clubs.

South’s RLFC has a strong representation including Dylan Bell, Ben Carter, Josh Doherty, Kelton Dorante, Corben and Edan Duffy, Chase Edgerton, James Howard, Daniel Matsen and Mitchell Petersen.

West’s players Rhys Barton, Josh Geaghan, Evert Hansson, Ian Read, Ryan and Taylor Ridland join Sarina guns Matt Ahern and David Jorgensen, along with Magpie’s duo Clinton Hewitt and James Wylie to complete the squad.

The tour departs Mackay on Monday morning the 14th and is away for 17 days. Along with the five tour games to be played against Under 16 teams from a variety Rugby League strongholds the touring party will enjoy a number of activities.

While in the North they will visit historic sites in Yorkshire, enjoy indoor snow-boarding in Castleford, travel to amusement parks in Blackpool and attend several Super-league finals matches.

In London the boys will ride the London Eye, take a guided tour of the Tower of London, motor up the Thames in an amphibious vehicle and visit Madam Tussauds.

The touring group’s base in London will be the Ibis Hotel located in Earls Court, the unofficial home of expatriate Australians living in London.

The bulk of the touring group returns home to Mackay on the 30th of September.
MSGS Rugby League Academy
Mackay Rugby League Academy ;09 UK Tour players
Frid 18 th Sept
16 -12 MACKAY
Tues 22 nd Sept
Thurs 24 th Sept
Sun 27 th Sept
22 - 10
ourfootyteam logoHI PARENTS & FRIENDS,
we have arranged for one of my photographer mates to cover one of the boys games, please support our mate and buy a foto or 2 from him.
Wednesday 30 th September 2009
Liam Miller - Wakefield
alright lads :)
honestly can say was a pleasure , was an experience last week is all i can say, was pretty rubbish on thursday when we left you aye,
anyways i'll see you in a couple of years hopefully, cos im coming over, you just needed longer up here really, anyways guys pictures are all on my facebook(well going on!!) so add me and take em off what ever you want, tell everyone back home aswell. cheers nathan and bill for experience, have safe flight home lads.
Tuesday 29 th Sept
Helen Dorante - Mackay Australia
Have a safe trip home boys. Thanks to the teachers Mr Bill Esau and Mr Nathan Doyle. Also thank you to the parents who went on the tour and our host over there for taking care of the boys. Much appreciated. From The Dorantes
You have done us all proud boys! We look forward to seeing you back home on Thursday.....Oh Daniel i've cleaned your room too, keep it that way! haha
Tony Ahern - Sarina Beach
It's the last night of the tour and it's going to be sad to see the end of it. The boys fly out tommorrow afternoon and we are staying on a bit longer. It has been a pleasure to tour with this fine ambassadors for Mackay High and we have had some great interacton with them. The boys have behaved exceptionally well, except for the odd strange haircut. We are proud of everyone of the boys and wish to thank them for a great and memorable holiday.
liz padget - wakefield
Happy Birthday Kelton. Hope you all have a good journey back, missing you all in Wakefield. See you all next year. Doris, Tony, matt and Clinton see you back in Wakefield tomorrow.
Monday 28 th Sept
Grandma Callan - South Mackay Queensland Australia
Happy 15th Birthday. Thinking of you here. Have a great day. Love Grandma Callan
Emily, Farren and Jazzy
Dear Matsen, We can't wait for you to come home so we can all laugh at you hahaha!
Have a safe trip home boys. Love Jaz, Farren & Emily
kody morrison - mittagong
heyy boiis. having a good time yeaaaa?
hope sooo. wish i could be there with all use there is a few new faces in the team since i was in it which is pretty good. well good luckk boiis catchya latahz.
Ashleigh Mulder - Mackay
Happy Birthday Kelton!! Hope u had a great day and hope u are having fun over in the uk i want pressie back lol
Cass Callan - 6051
Happy Birthday Kelton!!! Hope your having an awesome time xoxox Luv ya cuz
Chris and Von Petersen - SLADE POINT
Hi Karen Kilday and Family Chris and I would just like to thank you for looking after Mitch and Kelton they said that you were awesome and had a really great time with Corbyn can you please forward your email address so that we can keep in touch and look forward to receiving photo's. Our email address is again thank you so much for your taking care of Mitch and Kelton
Tanya Twyford - Parkwood
Hey Kelton, happy birthday, hope you have the best day, i'm very proud of you lots of love your old kindy teacher xx
Chris and Von Petersen - SLADE POINT
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU KELTON hope you had a wonderful birthday and good to see that you scored a try lucky Ben wasn't there for you to have a bet like at Club
Chris and Von Petersen - SLADE POINT
Just a big thank you to Nathan, Bill, the Ahern Family and Hewitt family thank you so much for your support of our boys in England hope you enjoyed your time as much as what they have
Helen Dorante - Mackay Australia
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Kelton, Happy Birthday to you. Have a great 15th Birthday over there in London today at Madame Tussauds and the Tower of London. Love Mum, Dad, Nikkara and Will. xoxo
Sunday 27 th Sept
Marita Dorante - THURSDAY ISLAND
Hi Kelton, Hope you are enjoying your time over there. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday from us up here on TI and from Aunty Margy and Uncle Clarry. Have a great day boy one.
Mona (Nan) Taylor - Beaconsfield
Hey evert,hope you are enjoying yourself "luv the big heart" see you get back, little brother is missing you he's counting the days.
Saturday 26 th Sept
Karen Kilday - wakefield
Hope all the lads have a great time on the London Eye today.Helen,Kelton and Mitch were a pleasure to have with our family tell them both to keep in touch and I will email some photo's I think I got on their nerves asking if they had texted home, my son Corbyn cant waite to come across. Happy Birthday Kelton for Monday xx
Kirsten Hansson - Mackay
Heey!! Boyz hope your having a great time over there. Evert we're all missing you at home, can't wait till you get back home! Play hard. xoxo
Amanda English - MACKAY SOUTH
Hi Kelton!! Hope you are havin a great time and have a Happy Birthday for Monday!! Take care and stay safe. Love Amanda, Brandon & Justin
Helen Paton - Balnagowan
Hope your having a ball, Matty. Hope you have some victory stories to share when you come home. Great big thank you to the Padget family for looking after you guys. Cheers
Nanette "Belly"s Mum" Sherwell - Mackay Qld Australia
Dylan,you're a ledgend. But I already knew that. Keep it fun boys,good on you all. You're the talk of the town.
Helen Dorante - Mackay Australia
A big thank you to Karen Kilday and family for looking after my son Kelton and Mitch while in Wakefield.
louise hartness - wakefield
safe journey home boys it was great having david come stay ya welcome anytime xxxxx
Tracie & Lynden Grimmetts - Wakefield
good luck to all the lads especially Ian for your last match hope u have a safe journey home. And remember Ian you are always welcome in our home u were a star take care.
Karen Kilday - Wakefield
Hope all the lads enjoy themselves in London everyone in Wakefield is missing you, Kelton and Mitch it was a pleasure having you both to stay please keep in touch x
Friday 25 th Sept
Aunty Linny Agazzani - Bucasia
Hi Dylan, Congrats ya legend on the man of the match again, 3 out of 4, must be playing amazingly. We are all extremely happy for you and proud of you. All of us wish we could be there to see the team playing. We are all following your team and by the sounds of it you are all playing spectacular footy. Good luck to you all for the last game hope it's a winner for the Aussies. Jakes proud of ya and secretly probably a bit jealous I think. Have a great remaining trip. Luvs ya heaps xxx
Debbie Barton - Walkerstron
Great to see you are all having a wonderful time. Enjoy London, lets show the pommies how to realy play footy. Rhys please don't lose at rock, paper, sissors. Not that there is anythhing wrong with the lovely haircuts so far. Debbie
MSHRLA Supporter - SLADE POINT (chris)
Hey Boys sounds like you have played some really good footy, hopefully somebody has taped the games so we can see how well you all played
Grandad & Grandma Sherwell - Mackay Qld Australia
Hi Dylan, Following you and your team on the net saviour every moment. I have given all my friends and family the web site and they are following you as well Love from us
Liz Padget - Wakefield
8.30 am Friday Well the lads are now on the way to London. Went to watch them play at St Helens last night, a fantastic match just a shame they didn't win. Had to say bye to the tour "very sad" will see Matthew Ahern and Clinton when they come back on Tuesday to complete there stay til November. Reading your messages and the parents who still have not seen photos of your children they are all ok. check out the he has taken photos at last two games.
Jeni Doherty - Mackay
Hi Boys, Good to see that you are all having heaps of fun over there. Love all your new hair cuts, (not). I would really like to know how you boys are going to get your teddies back into the country, but any way have fun trying. Take care and stay safe. Love you all Jeni
Britt Sherwell-Heaphy - Mitchelton
Hey Dylan, love the do! Hope u liked York it's one of my favourite places. Keep up the good playing & fun! Aunty Britt and family.
Carol Miller - wf3 4hb
Well played boys, you were all fantastic out there tonight! It's been great meeting you all, you're a credit to your school and families. Enjoy London (best keep away from the shops or you will all be way over with your luggage allowance!!) and good luck for your last tour match.
Take care and have a safe journey home next week x
Jenny Bell - Mt Isa
Hi Dylan Good to see you and your team mates are enjoying this great experinence we are all very prond of you. love Aunty Jenny, Ian, Brett & Simon
Michelle & Ella Marley - Mackay
Joshuuuuuuua Doherty.. We love you long time!haha
Grandad and Grandma Dyne - Erakala Mackay
Hi Dan (Mr T) Judging by news on the website fun is being had by all. The photos and updates have kepts us well informed. We are very proud of your achivements, some skill is still required in the rock paper scissors area!! The haircut, now thats....interesting! Love Grandad, Grandma and Tate
Lucy Wakefiled - Outwood
Jorgy Worgy our time spent together meant so much to me. I will never forgot you and your mates (but especially YOU ;) . Good luck for the rest of the tour my man.
dave denise and jordy way - outwood wf12nr
good luck to you all,special mention to the hewwits, get back here clinton lad!
Thursday 24 th Sept
Grace Callan - 4615
Hi escpecially to Kelton Dorante! From every Callan in Nanango keep kicking that ball and England's pride. They deserve it... Have fun everyone and win for us.
Hey Kelton! good Luck cus & enjoy the experience! By the way - TOO DEADLY THAT PHOTO! Catching flies hey! Lots of love xoxox
Nanette "Belly"s Mum" Sherwell - Mackay Qld Australia
My star. Love your work! You're living proof that dreams can come true, and now so have my wishes, that your dreams do too. The world is your oyster and the sky is the limit. So very proud. To the moon and back my son. XX
Les and Collette Bell - Mackay
Hi Dylan, Congratulations darl on your man of the match again, hope you are having fun, but must say we don't love the new hairdo. Dad thought it was funny but nanna doesn't agree. Good luck to you and all the boys for next game. Love from Nanna and Pop xxx
Helen Dorante Mackay Australia
Have a great game and play hard today Kelton and the rest of the team against St Helens Portico. Hope to see some actions shots and photos of our Year ten boys on the website PLEASE!!!! We want to see Mitch, Kelton, Evert, Edan, Clinton and James in action against the poms.
Karissa Ah Wang - 4740
Hi Balls aka Evert, Looks like you guys are having a blast. Make the most of it! You all are doing your school proud. Eh! wanna ring you mother too take care bess xo
Jo Cronin - Mackay
Hi everybody, Enjoy today's game. Do your best. Interesting news last night about the Under 16 Rugby League boys in a grand final in Sydney who played too rough. One has been banned for playing for twenty years and others have been banned for two to five years so play hard but not dirty. Has Kohan the hairstylist been going rank with the clippers? Have fun. Ben's Aunty Jo
Grandad & Grandma and Mum Sherwell - Mackay Qld Australia
Hi Dylan, Aunty Britt text to tell us to check out your new hairstyle no doubt it is improvement love you - Mum Grandad and Grandma
Heather Howard - Bakers Creek Mackay
Congrats to MSHS UK TOUR boys. Keep your chins up we are very proud of you. James H glad to see you have not had a hair cut. Looking good all the boys that have. Good luck for next game. Mum
Aunty Linny Agazzani - Bucasia
Hi Dylan, Saw the black armband. It meant a lot to your dad and especially Pop, thank you, you are a wonderful young man and I am very proud of you. Luv ya heaps xxx
Jack Buck - wa86np
good look from all the boys from wadecon and peter and paul for the portico game, hope you stuff them
Aunty Linny Agazzani - Bucasia
Hey Dylan, Looks and sounds like you are all having the time of your lives, enjoy babe. Saw all the photos from last game, brilliant action sequence of your try but mate "WHAT THE" with the hairdo. YUK!!!
ourfootyteam logogood luck tomz bois, play 4 each other and have a gr8 game
Helen Dorante - Mackay Australia
Hi to Kelton. Bad luck about going down in your third game. Enjoy yourself at the Pleasure Beach Theme Park today. Dont get to sick on the rides. Havnt heard from you for three days give us a tex. Love Dad,Mum,Nikkara and Will
Liz Padget padget = wf29te
Lads you are all fantastic, see you all again tomorrow night at St Helens to say bye to the tour. Going to be lots of tears again. So glad the Aherns are staying longer just wish we had you all here longer. Good Luck !!
Wednesday 23 rd Sept
Grandad & Grandma Sherwell - Mackay
Hi Dylan - Just found out about this site congratulations on your man of the match hope you are all having the holiday of a lifetime lots of love from Mum Grandad and Granma
Kahla Edwards - 4740
Do not even think about coming back with hair like that. No.... i can't even call it hair! It better have grown back by next week! Have Fun Love Kahla
Candeese Ley - Kirwan
Hi Mitch Petersen hope your having fun and all the best from the Leys in Townsville
Tricia Cronin - Mackay
(new photos only just been posted on website)
Mackay State High School - Year 10
Hey! congratulations to ur first won, and dats ok dat u lost in da second game, we hope dat u have a good weeks there, we are very excited to see u again next term, CONGRATULATIONS and also to Year 10 Mitch, Clinton, Everrt, Edan, Kelton, and James GOOD LUCK
Britt Sherwell-Heaphy - Mitchelton
Hi Dylan, congrats on man of the match. Hi Dylan, congrats on man of the match. What a great experience. Have a fantastic time. Love Aunty Britt
Tuesday 22 nd Sept
Barbara ESAU Family - mackay
Keep up the good work and enjoy every minute. We are all proud.
Carol Miller - Wakefield
Hi Boys lots of luck with the match tomorrow.
Josh & Taylor - Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Miller's as much as we enjoyed having you. You are both welcome to come back anytime. See you at the match tomorrow - Liam can't wait!
Monday 21 st Sept
Jane Wylie - Glenella
James please call mum...hope your having a wonderful time. CALL ME
Jodie Matsen - Andergrove
Congratulations boys on your win...You all look like you are haveing a blast over there! Oh Dan you know it is ok to text your mum! hahah Anyway good luck & see you all when you return, your doing us all proud!
Aunty Lia Durelli - Mackay
oh ! and happy birthday for the other day too!!
Aunty Lia Durelli - Mackay
all the very best. what a great opportunity to play overseas and see and do fun stuff. hope your havin a tun of fun- makes you want to save up and see the rest of the world . seen ya in the photos. looks like it will be something to remember forever. good luck with all the games!!
Tricia Cronin - MACKAY
Sending a huge THANK YOU to all of the families in Wakefield who took care of our sons while they were there. You will be a part of their best memories for a long time to come. Best regards
Will Pratt - Leeds
Fellas, you were superb tourists, played some superb rugby league which will develop all our players at Outwood Grange. We wish you all the best for the rest of the tour and will continue to support you and keep track of your results. First Class. Mr Pratt
Helen Cronin - Emerald
Hi Ben, Sorry we missed your b'day sounds like you've got the best present yet a trip of a lifetime. Best of British luck to you and your team mates. from the Emerald rellies.
Jane Wylie - glenella
James please call mum...hope your having a wonderful time. CALL ME
Sunday 20 th Sept
Jo Cronin - Mackay
Hi to all, So you lost a game. So what. sounds like it was a good exciting tough game except for the rubbish stuff. What you need to remember is that you sre there for a good time. So my advice is to relax and enjoy yourselves, do your best and play as a team. Lap up the experiences you are having and the friends you are making. One day some of you may well be over there playing for Australia or playing Super League so lay the foundations for your future, so remember that and leave a good impression behind you. Above all, have a great time. Ben's Aunty Jo
Deahnna Adda - Sarina
Heyy David, and everyone.
i hope your having a good time keeping busy with all the spectular things to c and do in England...pitty about the loss to Castleford HS but hopfully u guys will have better luck in your next game. keep playing as best as you can and do Australia PROUD!!!. i miss u and i love you David Forever and Always Baby xXx
Karen Dorante - 4103
To Kelton Dorante on the Mackay tour of England - we hope you are having a great time and play well. Broncos beat St George last night and are now in the prelimary final against Storm. Keep playing well Kelton and who knows, you could be playing a final in the NRL one day. Happy birthday for the 28th. Love from Aunty Karen (Dorante) and David in Brisbane.
Matty, Michelle & Tyreece Ramsamy - MACKAY
Hey Kelton, hope you are enjoying the experience unlucky on one of the losses there we see pretty close game by the look of the scoreboard! We look forward to hearing all about it when you get home! Good luck for the rounds to come boyz! All the best!
Saturday 19th Sept
shane and zeke bell - Mackay
hi dylan and team good on you boys hope you are all having fun best of luck in next game from dad and zeke
Ron and Mary Ahern - Sarina
Matt Ahern, thinking of you, congratulations. Keep your eye on the ball and not the girls!! Good luck, love Grandma and Granddad
Helen, Mick, Em, Jack, Sam Patroni - Armstrong Beach, Sarina
To Matt Ahern, Good on you for converting the first try in the Uk. You are a star. We are proud of you
Jess Esau - townsville
Hi boys, best of luck for the rest of your games, great to see you have had a win! Bill (dad) - i found the website - loving the weather updates!! hope u r all enjoying urselves and "CALL YOUR MOTHERS!!!!"
Jeni Doherty - Mackay
Hi Guys, Hope you are all having heaps of fun. Congratulations on your win, and don't worry about the loss you just have to make up for it in the next couple of games you are going to play. Josh Uncle Kris said to tell the boys to pull their socks up.(They look like touch players). Grandma and Pop say have a ball and stay safe. Keep on going with the good work boys and I hope you are ready to party when you get home. Take care Love you all Jeni
Les and Collette Bell - Mackay
Hi Dylan and teammates. Glad you are doing so well and having a great time. Good luck in your next game. Love from your proud Nan and Pop xxx
Tina Hansson - Mackay
Unlucky boys, A close game is a good game, regardless of the score line. Doing us proud. Keep up the great work. Yes, I am still waiting for a lost little boy to ring his mother. Evert if you're sleepy, who would be the 6 other dwarfs?
Tony Ahern - 4737
Great game today, the boys played as hard as the ref would let them and still only lost by 4 points. Parents in Australia should be proud of your boys as the are representing MSHS with excellent behaviour and all getting along real well. Ohh the English girls are chasing them everywhere we go.
Tricia Cronin - MACKAY
Congratulations Castleford High. Close scores have to indicate a great game. I enjoy reading messages from UK families...... Does Ben's English family have a computer???? Keep on keeping on having a great time. Cheers.
shaun pick - WF10 4AF
just what to congradulate your school on a fantastic game and was an honour to play against such quality players so good luck for the rest of your tour.
Bill Marchant - Castleford WF10 5LU
I was at the game today. Commiserations on losing, but the game could have gone either way.
Though the Cas team are mostly 9 months younger than your lads, they are 3 times English Champions so the teams were very evenly matched.
Your best players were ball playing stand off, scooting hooker and big prop with the beard. Enjoy the rest of the tour, good luck in your games. Hope you stuff the two Lancashire (Cheshire/Merseyside)teams.
I hope Cas reciprocate with a tour to you next year.
Friday 18 th Sept
Linda Agazzani - Bucasia
Hey Dylan, Congrats on the First man of the match and the great win. We are all very proud of ya babe. Have a great time.
Tricia Cronin - Mackay
Does Zohan have a mother????? Great work.
Helen Dorante - Mackay Australia
Hey great to see Clinton Hewitts little brother wearing his Aussi Jersey while running the kicking tee. Good On Ya! Hi to Teena,hubby and rest of family
Mackay High year 12 (jeni) mshs
hey guys, congrats on your first win. aye josh, ring your parents! hope you boys are having fun, see you all when you get home
Jo Cronin - Mackay
Thanks for the terrific write up on the game. Good on you all. I was excited to read that "DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN" Carter scored a try. You will all be playing that team called whatsaname as I type this message so I am thinking of you. Cheers from Ben's Aunty Jo
jill johansen - KACKAY 4740
Hello from Harveyworld. Congrats on your wonderful efforts following your great progress. Have a wonderful time Kind regards - Jill Johansen Harveyworld Travel Mackay
BILL - Contact IAN CRITCHLEY @ WADE DEACON, he wants to know what colour footy jumper u guys will be wearing - i have his ph no. & emailed it to u - steve
Jo Cronin - mackay
Well done against Outwood Grange. Good luck against whatsaname. Great pics and stories. Is there any chance of being able to do a short story on each game,stats on who scored tries etc. Thanks. Look after Ben. Keep having a great time. Love, Ben's Aunty Jo
Oii Oii Aussie Aussie go MSHSRLA you have done us proud keep up the good work look forward to your next game go MSLHSRLA
Thursday 17 th Sept
Deahnna Adda - Sarina
Hey david and guys. I hope your having a wonderful time and a good experience. Great job on winning ur first game im sure there is gunna be many more to come.Kick some but lol. Enjoy ur time there guys. I love u david and I miss u lots. Xoxo. Have fun
Vincent Dorante - Mackay Australia
Hey Evert use your Cousin (Keltons)phone to tex your mother. Stop sleeping. Hi Kelton play hard and enjoy yourself from dad.
Deahnna Adda - Sarina
Hey david. I saw ur mum and she told me to look up this website lol. I hope ur having a wonderful time. Sounds like ur keeping busy lol. Good job on winning ur first game. U guys ROCK. I miss u honey. I Love u xoxo. Have fun. And u better not be checking out other girls lol love ya babe. Bye bye xxx
Tricia Cronin - MACKAY
Congratulations Mackay High. Thanks for posting the photos, now I can see that everyone is having a great time. I was going to ask Evert to show Ben how to use the phone to contact his mother but it seems that would be a waste of time.
Mark Johnson - 4220
Go James! Awesome stuff!
Alycia Hansson - Mackay
hey evert how are you and i hope you are having fun jia loves you are we all do and make shore you you get a try for us. love you always xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx oxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxo xxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Tina Hansson - Mackay
Hey boys, congratulations on your first win. TOO GOOD !! I know now why Evert hasn't rung me, he's too busy sleeping. EVERT !! RING YOUR MOTHER, I'm still waiting.
sam dyer - mackay australia
good luck on the game this afternoon kick ass
Kim Jorgensen - Grasstree Beach
Hi Guys, Glad to hear your flight over wasn't boring. Best of luck for your game today & tomorrow and the weather is kind to you.
Matt O'Hanlon - 4215
Enjoy your experience boys. I am following the trip thanks to steve and the boys at Looking forward to pics and results
(chris) MSHRLA Supporter - SLADE POINT
Hey guys hope you are all rested and ready to put in a your normal MSHRLA effort into your games dig deep and do us all proud
Wednesday 16 th Sept
ourfootyteam logoHEY EVERETT, have u rang yr mum yet?
Sharon Barnard - Blacks Beach
Hope you all have a great trip and give the poms a football lesson!
Aunty Marie and klan Reck - Coppabella Australia
Hey sunshine lad (Kelton) hope you checking out them hot english chicks while you over there....on ya lads.... good luck with your games and enjoy your experience...happy birthday for the 28th, 15 going on 21.....have fun luv the reck klan xoxoxoxox heheehehehehe
Helen Dorante - Mackay Australia
Hi Kelton and everybody else. Hope you are all rested now. Enjoy yourselves. Love from Mum, Dad, Nikkara and Will
Jera Lee - subway
hey boys gaveem hell dat's true ok, Hey Clinton Hewitt i miss u so much i wish u and mitch petersen have a great tour two england safe day.
Jo Cronin - West Mackay
Hi all and especially Ben. Hope you do your best and enjoy the games. Kick A??? like the Aussie one day cricketers are doing. Have a great time. Ben's aunty Jo
Paul Durelli - Mackay
Hey Kelton, Happy 15th Birthday buddy for the 28th September! Hope you're havin fun in Wakefield!
Tricia Cronin - MACKAY
Be sure to enjoy yourselves. Can't wait to hear about it. Best wishes to all of you......EVERT have you rung your mother yet???
Tina Hansson - Mackay
Hey boys, hope you guys are having a great time over in London. Keep safe and good luck. EVERT, ring your mother.
Tuesday 15 th Sept
robert consterdine - wakefield england
hi boys hope you have a good trip and we are waiting for you at our home .
with the room ready - bob mandy & thomas consterdine in the u.k
Von Petersen - SLADE POINT
Hey guys hope you all had a good trip to Singapore one last leg to go have a great tour and keep safe
Monday 14 th Sept
Jeni Doherty - Mackay
Hi Guys, Hope you all have a lovely trip and have heaps of fun, take care and keep safe.
Helen Dorante 4740
Safe trip to you all and have fun. Not long now to your flight to Singapore. Enjoyyyy
tanya edgerton mena creek
Best of luck in England have a wonderful & safe trip!!
Sunday 13 th Sept
Miss bhebz - south mackay
Hey! guyz i just want you to know all wa are supported to all of you, good luck to your tour to England, and I just want to tell to Mitch Petersen that he was really cute. Good luck guyz and take care to your self Mitch
ourfootyteam logoGood luck fella's, give 'em hell -